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Student Incentives & Awards

Students earn stars for practice, completion, or success with different activities. Stars are used to purchase fun items to personalize the Raz Rocket and to create a customized avatar using the Avatar Builder.

Star System

Students earn stars across all of Learning A-Z's resources that students access through Kids A-Z. See how stars add up for practice, completion, or success.

Activities Stars Earned
Writing A-Z
Write Your Way Complete 150
Build-a-Book Complete 300
Process Writing Workshop Complete 300

Avatar Builder

Students can create a custom avatar that helps to personalize their online experience.

  • Students use earned stars to buy parts and accessories to customize their avatar’s appearance.
  • Just like the Raz Rocket, teachers enable the Avatar Builder from the Roster or individual student pages.

NOTE: All students will receive 500 bonus stars when they first enter the new Avatar Builder. Their current robots will carry over and be replicated as closely as possible.

Seasonal Avatars

Seasonal avatar items are available to students for 60 days at a time, with new seasonal items presented every quarter. Students keep purchased seasonal items beyond the season, but those not purchased disappear from availability.

Teacher Tips

You can turn on/off student access to the Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder by customizing the student Incentives settings in your Roster or on individual student pages.


Students earn badges for achieving milestones.

  • Students can see the progress they are making toward each badge from the My Stats area on their dashboard.
  • Unearned badges will appear in gray and turn to color when earned.
  • Students will see a celebratory animation upon earning a badge.
  • Teachers can present students with printed versions of badges to further celebrate achievement.

Print out badges and give them to students to celebrate their achievements.

Printable Writing Badges

Raz Rocket

Students create a room inside their Raz Rocket with aliens, furniture, equipment, plants, robots, and other items they might want in their space-themed environment.

  • Teachers enable the Raz Rocket from the Roster for the whole class; or individual student pages.
  • Students use earned stars to buy items from the catalog to personalize their Raz Rocket.

Awards and Certificates

Downloadable and printable awards and certificates encourage students and help them celebrate achievements or success.

Great Work Certificate

Out of This World Certificate

Write Stuff Bookmark

Writing Award Certificate

Writing Star Certificate