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Writer Response

Tools to Write in Response to Reading Leveled Books

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Writing A-Z offers a collection of Writer Response activity sheets that allow students to write in response to a prompt associated with specific leveled books they've recently read on Reading A-Z. These writing prompts are designed to help students write to demonstrate understanding of each book's theme. In order to draft a cohesive response, students need to apply, synthesize, and/or evaluate concepts presented in the book. Writing to explain the enduring understanding of the book helps students identify important ideas that have lasting value beyond the classroom.

Showing of resources

Level E

Bear And Kangaroo

City Animals

Country Animals

Making Pizza

The Storm

Level F

How Is The Weather Today?

Josh Gets Glasses

Scaredy Crow

The Food Chain

The Three Little Pigs

Level G

A Seed Grows

Animal Eyes

Gordon Finds His Way

Long Ago And Today

Maria Joins The Team

Level H

Animals, Animals

How The Mice Beat The Men

Police Officers

Smaller And Smaller

Wing's Visit To Singapore

Level I



Hippo's Toothache

How Gloosekap Found Summer

Mike's Good Bad Day

Level J

Animal Skeletons

Ocean Animals

Riding With Rosa Parks

The Disappearing Moon

Wonders Of Nature

Level K

How Zebras Got Their Stripes

It's About Time

Leap! A Salmon Story

Migrating Geese

Strange Plants

Level L

Goldilocks And The Other Three Bears

Insect Life Cycle

Introducing Planet Earth

Shoes Around The World

Sign Language And Hand Talk

Level M

How Much Is A Trillion?

How To Make Lemonade

Marcus Loses Patches

Story Of The Sun

The Three Little Pigs

Level N

Coral Reefs


Making Rice

Sammy Stuffit

The Mystery Wind

Level O

Barack Obama


Sally Ride

Three Little Pigs: The Wolf's Story

Troika: Canine Superhero

Level P

Breeds Of Dogs

Coyote And The Star

Desert People

Landon's Pumpkins

The Homework Lesson

Level Q

Coral Reefs




Sweet Potato Challenge

Level R

Alaska: The Last Frontier

All About Chocolate

Murdoch's Path

Two Artists: Vermeer's Forger

We're In Business

Level S

A Selection From Alice In Wonderland

Barack Obama

How Little John Joined Robin Hood


The Moon Bowl

Level T

Aladdin And The Wonderful Lamp

Ants In My Bed

Bats In The Attic

Caribou Man

Special Effects

Level U

Microbes: Friend Or Foe

Mystery In The Moonlight

Pirate Ships And Flags

Robin Hood Wins The Sheriff's Golden Arrow

The Hard Stuff! All About Bones

Level V

Everest: On Top Of The World

How Little John Joined Robin Hood


The Case Of The Vanishing Anasazi

The Lost Dutchman

Level W

Acropolis Adventure

Electric Cars: History And Future


The World Of Nascar

Threats To Our Atmosphere

Level X

Body Art

Early Moments In Rock Music History

Miguel And King Arthur

The Algonquins

The Story Of Immigration

Level Y

Prehistoric Giants (other Than Dinosaurs)

Robin Hood Wins The Sheriff's Golden Arrow

Ships Of Discovery

The Story Of Lewis And Clark Book 1: Up The Missouri River

What Do You Think About Climate Change?

Level Z

A Selection From Robinson Crusoe

Albert Einstein

Energy Sources: The Pros And Cons

The Apaches